Saturday, September 1, 2012

Revisiting God's own land

Kerala and its beaches have always been my favorites.This year at last I made it possible to visit this land of beauty during Onam .Here are some snap shots .
                                              Beach waters and back waters of Kollam always fascinate me to no end .I never seem to have enough of them.
                                              It is onam fast approaching and the skies are full of kites of different hues and shapes.Onapattam is a must for all malayalee kids.These colorful handmade fans swirling in the sea breeze is a real eye catcher.
A visit to kollam beach is never complete without tasting the spicy roasted peanuts.CHOODU MASALA KAPPALANDI.
       Here is chatpata chilli bajji getting ready .This anyway is a recent addition ,I think because I have not come across Keralites eating Molaga bajji with relish .It is essentially an import from Tamil nadu.Taste buds of a Malayalee cannot take anything so hot and spicy.

                     Here is another lovely sea shore-Varkkala and its beaches attracts people all over the world.The shallow waters of Varkkala entice many a travellaer to it.

                                                    A drive down the coastal road is nothing short of heaven!


                                     Another place of serene beauty is the thirumullavaram beach in kollam.


                          Here is Onam with its floral beauty -Athapookkalam.


                        We keep travelling to different places but the beauty of Kerala stays on with you for ever because  it is nature and beauty that lingers with you wherever you go in Kerala. It is God's own land no doubt.


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