Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oh RK

Lush green climbers
Sitting coyly in my village house garden,
Looked lustreless to me.
They looked more vibrant green
Perched on the corner of my city flat
Do colours have sensitivity like human hearts?
Blessed was Mr .Narayan
Who could conjure up a Malgudi
From his illusions.
May be unhindered imagination
And recording them
In black and white
Are a great blessing .
Plentiful flow of powerful emotions
From your pen to paper
Come to a standstill
When you are called upon
To brew a cup of coffee.
Mr.Narayan was blessed no doubt
For he belonged to the coffee drinkers club .
He could very well write about
The nuances of making filter coffee
For he was never a coffee maker!

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