Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yet another relocation

Another  relocation .This time I am at Coimbatore.I have bid adieu to Karamadai where I had lived for the last two years. I sleep in a new bedroom ,cook in a new kitchen and pray in a new pooja room .This is my home now and I have no idea how long it is going to be so .
                             I think about the umpteen  number of times I have played this game of making an absolutely strange place into my home. Last two years seem to have gone in a jiffy. Karamadai and the people I used to see everyday there are a thing of the past. When I stepped into Karamadai two years back I hardly knew what was in store for me .Every time I step into a new place I enter into a guess game ,guessing what is in store for me in that new place.But life always flings at my face all surprises -good ,bad and the ugly ones.
                        I carry fond memories of my life in Karamadai.I fell in love with that place on the very first moment ,when I saw cotton candy clouds forming a tiara on the Ooty hills ,which I was able to see from the portico of my house.The Renganath temple became my favorite haunt. It was in these two years that I  saw my little girl walk into a new life of  married bliss with her partner. My son  became an engineering graduate and has taken up his first job. My partner got elevated to a higher post and hence the transfer. I have bid adieu to my ooty hills which kept me company every single day .On winter and rainy days temporarily the hills wold disappear behind the clouds and I used to keep peeping out my window to see them reappear again with a new fresh look. Oh hills of Ooty and coonoor did you ever know that you had an ardent admirer down there  in Karamadai, who used to miss you as she would miss her dear ones?I will be seeing you from coimbatore too. But the hills look so very different from here .No more rustic beauty they are .I view the hills standing in the middle of a concrete jungle .Mm they look more sophisticated. Times are really changing. Catch you guys later!

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