Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pilgrimage of a tree

An  unimaginable pilgrimage
Of a lonely tree -
A tree without roots .

Wonders never cease on earth
Not the ones that turn you 
Topsy-turvy and make you 
Stand up elegantly,head held high.
Cute little sapling,s roots were clipped
But then came the wonder -
Rain or shine,storm or snow ,
Tough things made the plant tougher  and tougher
And here you had a 
Strong benevolent tree stronger than rest of its clan.

Possibilities and practicalities 
Were shoved down the drain,
The majestic tree stood its ground 
Yearning in every tissue 
For the clipped roots
And hence began its Pilgrimage
In search of its roots.

Kingdom of the roots stood spellbound!
How can this happen? 
A tree without roots ?
And it has created an orchard too?
Old trees of the kingdom  
Danced in pure glee!
Hugged and kissed the son of the soil-
The strong and big rootless tree .

Gods of the kingdom of roots smiled 
And told the old trees the  secret of all secrets
"Indeed this is  a world of wonder no doubt 
But what ye behold before is no wonder,
The clipped roots had left behind it
Some soft wet soil as a mother root always leaves,
And this soft wetness was enough 
For any lone sapling to survive!
This moistness has the power
To turn a rootless tree to a dense forest,
It is in search of this moistness 
That this lonely tree has come after five decades!!!"


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