Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is Love?

It is Valentines day - a day when all start talking about love.I think Love is one word that has been most interpreted and most misinterpreted word in the world .Uttering those three little words alone can never explain what it is.There is no denying the fact that without love no being on this wide wicked world can be happy.We all profess to love people ,our partners ,children ,family and friends.What exactly is this love then ?Is it a bunch of red roses on a valentines day ? A platinum band on your birthday ?A candle light dinner at a star hotel? or something more ?All these above said things no doubt brings with it some amount of happiness and fond memories along with it .So what is Love after all ?shall we do some dissection work ?No we do not kill to dissect this time .It is only for understanding it better .
                                   For me Love is not thinking of someone but thinking for some one .Thinking for someone makes you care for that person and do things that would be good for that person and make him or her happy may be not immediately but in the long run. A mother or father doing things for their little ones comes under this category.Of course we have to stop thinking for our children at one point of time (which most of the Indian parents find very difficult to do) because as Khalil Gibran would have said "you may give them your love but not your thoughts ,For they have their own thoughts"  .It is also love to accept the different thought cycles whether you understand it or not.

                                 Love  is  also the basis of all good things in life ,Or I should say it is an extension of all good values in life. For example fathers all over the world toil every single day of their life to give a good and quality life to their loved ones.Most of them or at least a fair portion of them may not have a great job or job they would fancy ,but still they are at it because they want to give a dignified life to their partner and children .They are the unsung heroes whose only satisfaction comes from their family reaching great heights and success.These captains of the ships never forsake their ships and the respect and love they command one day is unimaginable.So here we see Love begetting great values like hard work ,consistency and productivity.

                                                           Talking about Love ,I think I have to talk about Love for things around us .In this great age of consumerism it is no wonder that we all have started loving many things .sometimes it is our car ,some times our pretty homes or our branded computers.But along with all this love comes a fair amount of selfishness and possessiveness .I do not want to be judgemental  about it but only want to add that these little loves can give you some strength at times .It is really exhilarating to see how we all tend to hold on to our little things even when faced with a mountain of trouble.

                                            It was the day I lost my father.He was in the ICU for the twenty four hours previous to his end .Though we knew that the end was inevitable, when the doctor finally pronounced his end it was tough  for my brother and me as it would have been for any children. We were putting up a brave face fighting back tears and rushing with the last minute formalities before we could take the mortal remains of our father home.While my brother was busy signing some forms ,I was asked by the hospital nurse to collect my fathers things from the ICU.So I slowly started putting his spectacles,toothbrush etc into a bag when I heard a very strange sound.It came from one of the occupants of the ICU .He was trying to say something to me very feebly for no doubt he was in a very bad condition .But however much I would try I was not able to comprehend anything .Finally I sought the help of the duty nurse ,who bent over him and when she looked up she had a smile on her lip .I was wondering what could possibly tickle her at such a moment.Finally she declared" madam he wants you to know that the blue colored flask at shelf belongs to him and you should not take it with you by mistake ".My brother  just entered the room ,we looked at each other and started laughing .I think we would go down in the history of mankind as the siblings who laughed hardly thirty minutes after their father,s end.I do not know if that old man lived to see the sunset that day .He wouldnt have because I was told that his condition was extremely bad.If at all he did I would attribute it to the love he had for his blue flask!!!

                                             It is a common sight these days to see senior couples going around helping each other .With globalisation most of the sons and daughters are in a foreign land and our elders also value their independence a lot these days hence they have learned to take care of themselves and their spouses in a well planned way .Again I would say it is an extension of love -their love for freedom ,love for the life itself and love for the way they want their life to be.A respect for each other and their views might be its culmination.

                                                             Many are the hues of love I can go on writing .May be the rest I will keep for next Valentine,s Day.HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FRIENDS!!


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