Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Decoding an orange

"I am to be an orange" She elaborately declared,
My little princess was preparing for her Annual day bash.
Then began her endeavour of explaining an orange to me
That too over the phone!!

 "I need orange ribbons and orange colored frock"
 Next I heard her running foot steps ,
She has started playing with her toys
Her mother tells me but in a moment-
Phone is snatched and the princess tells me what Chota Bheem did that day.

Her mother asks her to explain orange to me ,
Sounds of running foot steps and this time
Her mother tells me she has rounded up her fingers
So that I will know how an orange looks like over the phone!

Next I hear  her scream bow wow ,
It was an effort to scare her mama -
Finally she asks me whether I understood what an orange is
Yes indeed she has explained an orange so beautifully ,
But how am I going to tell her that it was the sweetest orange of all my life?



  1. I'll read this to her years later. Let's see what she'll have to say then :-)

  2. year later she will read it herself