Friday, July 26, 2013


What would be my perfect road trip?One that can fill me with bliss in and around.A trip wherein I would be transported to a land of contend ,a trip that can make me cherish the experience for the rest of my life-a trip that would transport me to a realm of bliss ,in which mundane worries have absolutely no place.

                            Now let me get down to the details of the trip..Surely my Hyundai i10 would be my favorite vehicle for my trip.Travelling in it is as smooth as the gliding of  a perfect halwa  down your tongue.My better half would be my companion and beautiful yesudas melodies would emanate the interior of our car from our music system along with the lovely smell of Ambipur which I never forget to install on our car AC.
                          Now let me tell you where we are heading for.Any wild guess ?Well guys we are driving down the roads of Salzburg  in Austria.Yeah the same roads on which Julie Andrews comes to the Von Trapp  estate singing I have confidence in myself.(by this time Yesudas melodies would be replaced with Songs from SOUND OF MUSIC.).A drive down those wonderful green hills to see if the hills are still alive with the sound of music that drew Maria eternally to it.A drive down the roads of the lake where the boat capsize with the excited children.Of course a drive down the roads of Nonnberg Abbey cannot be missed.I have no idea if the Salzburg festival is conducted these days .If so we will for sure spend an evening listening to the waves of music in such a festival(music has no language so it is fine even if we do not understand the language).
                    Will this not be a road trip of a life time?One about which you can brag to your grand children?
I am sure it will be.


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