Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It is dusk hour now
That dark demon is 
Is waiting somewhere to creep in.

It is dusk hour now ,
Hour of flashbacks,retrospection and mute resignation.

I can't remember my sun rise 
Nor is there Amma to recollect it.

But the travel towards the dusk
Was not an easy one .
For some, days are always bright and cheerful
Blessed souls they are .
Dark clouds and parching heat are the lot of some.
Again I stand in wonder not knowing who is blessed and who is not.

If yonder clouds are not dark, how will you smile at the silver lining?
If the day was not stinging hot, how can rain drops become your favorite thing?

It is dusk hour now 
Dark demon is getting ready to swallow me.
Rocking my chair with closed eyes I realize
Demons are not necessarily dark
And waiting for me at the end of the tunnel is Govind-
That eternal dark charmer who can lift you as a leaf ,a cloud or a nothing,
But leave you with a no remorse heart and smiles  all around you.

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