Friday, December 6, 2013

Ayurveda days

It is  hibernation time
Far from the madding crowds,
Only she is there to keep me company-
(I am not sure of HE or She either)
Finally decide on a She,
As I do not know her botanical name
She is Susheela for me -
One who is bestowed with all good qualities.

She is a charmer
She beckons and smiles ,
Rustling of her leaves
Remain the only music
To lift my spirits.
She is a good dancer too
She dances like Shiva in her glee,
Some times she is elegance personified
A perfect ballerina filling your heart with joy.

She is my good neighbor too
When I settle down on a chair in the balcony after treatment,
She with all the care in the world
Nods her head smiles broadly 
And asks me if I was feeling better!

I consider her a part of my treatment
An omnipresent healing hand ,
Only I am left with a small doubt -
To call her Susheela or Ayurvardhini -The elongate r of life .

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