Monday, July 7, 2014

Life of a middling

Always there is a doubt pending somewhere 
Doubt of under performing ,of being misunderstood,
Never really sure if enough is enough.

Always there is a compulsive  eagerness to prove to someone something
An invisible yard stick hanging above you ,below you and on your sides,
Even dreams are  tainted by targets and yard sticks.

When was the last time we were rid of all these non senses
Try hard as I may my memory fails to fish up that last time-
"Live your life for yourself not for somebody else"-an youngster tells me .
"Live a meaningful life making sacrifices"an old one tells me.

My young friend calls my old friend a sucking hypocrite
And my old friend calls the youngster a shameless selfish manipulator.
If you are not happy how can you ever make anyone happy?-screams the young one.
If you always keep thinking of your self never can you find any happiness in this life-
Opine the oldie shaking the head disgustingly.

Nonplussed I stand in the middle-
A muddled middle class middling,
Finally I decide this mid way life of mine is better than the other two-
"I have the best of both the worlds "_I pacify myself and march off !

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