Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rainy thoughts

When you miss a thing 
A strange grey unrest creeps into you
I too had missed something -a great rain experience!
It dawned  to me with yesterday's rain-
It taught me my love for it was shallow.

Having always prided myself as a rain lover,
yesterday I learned otherwise.

Torrential rains of kerala,showering rains of Tamilnadu
Banging Gujarat rains- have all brought me glee,
I always thought I loved them dearly till yesterday-
The day when I was proven wrong.

Monsoon knocked  on my balcony door,
Beckoning me to sit with a cuppa
And show my face to lashing showers.

Watching from the height of my flat,
A few blocks away on the terrace of a house -
Out came a young lass with a toddler in her hand,
She taught me what love for rain is all about ,
Both the mother and the child started their rain dance,
Both with outstretched hands going round and round
Blissfully unaware of my stupid gaze.

Loving is also trusting I learned ,
Having always kept my kids from getting drenched
How can I pride myself as a rain lover?
Having lost a lifetime experience of dancing in the rain with my kids,
I turned back to my bitter cup of tea.

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