Friday, October 24, 2014

Walk together

Walk together if you want to travel far
How far is far we never know 
But let some one always walk beside you.

Walk together if you don't want to see your own shadow,
Shadows may not be scary-
But they cannot be inspiring either
So walk together.

Walks can be long and tedious,
Your pace cannot always match
You are a little too fast or a bit too slow ,
But a co-walker is always a blessing .

Walking tall we sometimes forget the world around,
You are neither indispensable nor immortal,
your fellow walker can always put you in place
So walk together -for your feet to be strongly on ground.

Walking on unknown sands can always be tricky,
Hold on to your fellow traveller's hand
Warmth of that hand can make you walk safe.

Walking with a lurch to the end of the tunnel ,
Leaves you gasping and panting
But the traveller beside you with shaky steps ,
Can hold your hand and save you from a fall -
So walk together.

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