Friday, October 14, 2016

The Wait

Dream it has been 
A long deep dream,
To take a good bath in that azure sea before me.

That blue perennial vastness has always been a friend,
Murmuring soothing things in my ears,
Never forsaking me even in my sleep;
I always waited to have my bath.

What are you waiting for ?
Many a times my blue friend would ask,
I always gave the same answer-
"Me waiting for the waves to subside"
With a greater blast of waves the sea would recede.

Years rolled by-
My wait never ended,
I saw with wide eyes-Chinnu and Minnu born decades later-
wade through the length and breadth of my  blue friend.

My friend is no more a friend now 
Sarcasm seems to rule his every glance-
"A watcher on the shore can never be a swimmer
Or ever bathe in the vast sea" - he says
"You were born to wait and watch and die!"

Faith is the thread of all relationship'
People who wait for waves to subside can never be a friend of the sea.
I learned it the hard way .
Helplessly I watch Chinnu and Minnu march into the seas with their grand kids.

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